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Start at Any Time

Enrol at any time throughout the year

Face-to-Face and online Tuition

Professional tutors provide teaching, guidance and assistance

Online-Based Curriculum

Online curriculum accessible during and after school hours – Wi-Fi and Internet facilities are provided

Life and Social Skills

Our focus is on life skills. Social and Friday fun days, as well as guest speakers from real-world industries deliver presentations regularly

A Video Walkthrough with Some of our Students

Student Testimonials

Landile Pelle

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the incredible impact you’ve had on our children through the Bridge program. Your dedication and hard work have not only provided them with a platform for learning but also instilled hope in their hearts.

Your creation of this invaluable learning platform is changing lives, enabling our children to pursue further studies and chase after their dreams. Your patience and belief in our children, coupled with your daily encouragement, have played a pivotal role in ensuring that they can achieve their goals.

Sincere Gratitude from Landile’s parents.

Moganu Mawasha

Bridge always made me feel welcome and comfortable with the working environment around me. 

The teachers do a great job of helping assist learners when there is a lack of understanding.

 Thanks to teacher Geoff, and all the tutors that were involved while I attended. 

Moganu is now an employee of Bridge FET Edu Centre as an assistant tutor. 

Caitin Schroeder A

Jared Schroeder

Bridge EDU Centre taught me a lot, in the 2 years that i was there, but what I took away was commitment and hard work. 

When I felt like giving up, I had a group of teachers, standing by me and motivating me to do my best! 

I was always told, “hard work pays off”, and it definitely did. 

 I would not have been where I am today, if I didn’t push through and do my part!