About Us

Bridge Edu Centre opened its doors in January 2018.

Bridge is run by Geoff and Stefanie Hull.

Geoff is the Senior Instructor and Stefanie is responsible for admissions and administration.

The ethos and vision of Bridge is to help young students to broaden their horizons and to obtain an internationally and nationally recognised GED certificate.

Due to mainstream schools’ classes being overpopulated and learners not getting the required one-one-one attention needed, Bridge Edu Centre fills the gap with online, one-on-one, and face-to-face tutoring. 


“We cater for the Senior Phase learner who needs individual and or academic support”.  

Basic Information About the Program

We follow the international GED Curriculum.  

Recognised in South Africa as a Grade 12 Certificate once completed.  

With only four subjects and one textbook the program is easy to follow, however, this is not a quick fix to get yourself a matric certificate.  

If you are looking for a quick fix, then this program is not for you. 

With hard work comes success. 

Learners work at their own pace using online videos with the additional assistance of a professional tutor in attendance to answer questions or to explain subjects on a one-one-one basis.  

Daily class attendance from 7:45 until 14:00, Monday to Thursday with short breaks in between, provides ample time for learners to work not only hard but also smart. 

Friday class attendance allow learners to interact and socialise informally on the sport field.  

Visitors presenting career opportunities gives learners exposure to job opportunities after completing their GED program.  Interaction on both social and professional level is very important for all learners. 

Friday attendance is therefore highly recommended. 

The GED program allows for focused education. 

Pre-testing before writing a final exam gives the learner the added security and comfort needed to know they are working towards success.  

Final exams are written at Boston Colleges.

The GED program is open for anyone 16-years and older. 

Registration is open throughout the year. 

Geoff & Stefanie Hull

Class Photo 2023

Class Photo 2023