Celebrities Who Earned Their GED Later in Life

21st of July, 2023

Earning a high school diploma is a crucial step on the path too academic and career-related success in life.  But if you left high school without getting a diploma, it’s not too late.
You may be wondering; Can you be successful with GED?  YES!  In most cases, getting a GED will give you equal footing with those who earned a high school diploma opening countless doors to further your education and a career.
Here are some famous people who started later in life and earned their GED.

Jay Z

American Rapper: Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce are one of the highest earning celebrity couples.  
Clearly, the rapper ad business mogul didn’t ever let his lack of a high school diploma get in the way of his dreams. 
He attended schools across Brooklyn and New Jersey before ultimately dropping out and earning his GED.
Jay Z

Jim Carrey

Canadian-American Actor: Jim Carrey is now one of the most successful comedians of all times, he once lived a much humbler life.
As a teenager growing up in Canada, Carrey dropped out oof school to work and pay the bills to support his family.
Later, he earned his GED, and eventually skyrocketed to success in the entertainment industry.
Jim Carrey

Chris Rock

American Comedian: Chris Rock surprisingly, the beloved comedian once set his sights on becoming a broadcast journalist.
He left high school early, earned his GED, and went on to study the subject in community college before pursuing his career in comedy and acting.